The Kevington Hall Bars






Kevington Hall is Infamous for it’s Eclectic Mix of Elegantly Unique Bars.

These dream like focal points become create the perfect backdrop to your event or wedding party.

The Umbrella Bar

This is a one off bar from the imagination of Stephen Garrett Studio. Made from 19 century steamer trunks and hard brass top. Also with a Japanese influence to boot.

The Pop up Trunk Bar
for The Moon Garden

A fabulous pop up bar to serve Pimms and Rose from The Moon Garden

The Enchanted Forest Bar

Decked out with large horns and framed by arched foliage.
Feathers and fantasy from a Midsummers Night Dream.

The Lost and Found Bar

The concept of the lost and found bar begins with a train breaking down in the Orient amid chaos and panic. The porters have worked tirelessly to bring order to the madness – creating an oasis in the wreckage of steamer trunks and travel disruption. The lost and found department is open for business to look after and serve fantastic exotic drinks with exemplary service. A utopia from the chaos is now here.

This bar is for larger marquee events.
It cannot fit in the main house unfortunately.